Brizzly re-launch press

I bought back from Aol/Verizon back in late 2017. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it so I let it sit for a while. I certainly didn’t expect any press coverage when I launched it as an antidote to hanging out on social sites all day getting into Twitter fights. However, that’s exactly what happened and boy did it ever.

It all started with this simple tweet announcing the two-page site I had whipped up over a day and a half.

Within minutes, Techcrunch reached out for a comment and it felt just old times.

Techcrunch, Slate (and Slate France) wrote about it as well as a slew of other outlets. Now Brizzly has a contingent of frequent users in France. C’est la vie, Brizzly!

screen capture of Brizzly on Techcrunch

One of my favorites by far is the morning I woke up to find out Brizzly had made it onto Breakfast Television Toronto. They did a full two-minute segment on Brizzly. Hello Toronto!

I almost feel badly that Brizzly doesn’t do much more than throw your tweets directly away. Maybe Brizzly will do something else one-day.

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