The closest thing to an Edit Button for Twitter: Announcing Brizzly+

People have long clamored for an Edit button for Twitter, however Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, recently squashed all hope of adding one. That didn't sit well with us, long-time Twitter fans, so today we're announcing Brizzly+.

Brizzly+ brings Undo, Redo, Auto-deletion, Custom prompts and more to Twitter.

If you're like us, you make mistakes on Twitter. A survey of Twitter users found that often we catch mistakes as soon they are sent. When you add your Twitter account to Brizzly, you'll see an Undo send button on all tweets sent through Brizzly+. Right now you can choose between no delay, 10-seconds or up to 10-minutes of time where you can hit Undo.

Want to save the good tweets though? Use our Fave to Save feature. After turning on Auto-delete, we give you the option to save your tweets that meet a certain threshold of Likes. Set it to any amount of Likes and the one's that meet the bar will be kept.

Auto-delete brings the fun of disappearing stories to Twitter. If you want to turn this feature on, select from 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month. We'll monitor your tweets, whether made on Brizzly or not and delete them.

Brizzly+ is a subscription service with plans starting at $2.49 a month billed monthly or $29.99 billed annually, though we have a free trial for the first two-weeks. Start your two-week free trial now. You're always welcome to use our social-free version, Brizzly Zero too.

You can read more about Brizzy+ at or if you have further questions we have an FAQ.

posted by Jason Shellen

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