Brizzly+ shutting down

Due to changes in the way Twitter operates its developer tools, Brizzly+ is shutting down.

Brizzy+ uses a special connection to Twitter called the Twitter API to access your tweets on Twitter. Twitter tweeted last week that on Feb 9th, 2023, their ahem new management, decided to discontinue free API access. The price increases are steep, and the new rules are not friendly to small businesses like Brizzly.

How will it impact you?

Since we can no longer display, like, delete, or send tweets without this connection, Brizzly+ will be shutting down. If you have been using Brizzly+ thank you for your support.

There is no action required as far as Brizzly is concerned. will be redirecting to Brizzly Zero soon and we will delete all account data.

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If you have recently paid, we will issue a refund thru Stripe by the end of the month unless we hear otherwise. It’s a bit of a pain. If you paid annually, I will do my best to prorate you for the time used by March.

What should you do?

For your own safety, you can visit Twitter and under Settings visit:

Security Account Access > Apps and Sessions > Connected Apps

…and revoke access to (and any other apps you don’t use anymore or will be impacted by this change too).

If you are looking for a way to pass the time, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out our own ridiculous Brizzly Zero, where you send posts into the ether. If you must use a social network, Mastodon is fun too.

Is this the end?

This is not the end of Brizzly, just the end of Brizzly+. It began as a joke about “editing tweets” and barely made it out the door at the beginning of the pandemic. Great timing.

However, it’s especially sad for me that Twitter has benefited from Brizzly’s existence for so long in showing the way forward with features like incorporated tweet editing, timed deletion, and in the original version of Brizzly from 2009, how to unfurl links and images and more. It’s short-sighted and sad that they would do this to their own users.

Thank you most of all for using one of the world’s silliest web services to delete your tweets. We’re sorry that Brizzy+ is shutting down this way, but we’re glad you were a part of it. Reach out if you need anything or have further questions.

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